Catching up: in which we enjoy a splendid holiday and I become a winner!

We took advantage of the final week of B.S.T. and headed off to Northumberland for a bit of well deserved rest and relaxation. We stayed at Dove Cottage, highly recommended if you are looking for a comfy, cosy base for a walking holiday.  The weather was (mostly) kind to us so we were able to go out walking everyday. Here are some pictorial highlights:



Cross Fell:



70 mph winds:



A new hat:

Hadrian's Wall:DSCN0535


Various woolly residents:






Unusually for a holiday let, Dove Cottage had a really good high speed wi-fi connection, so on the Thursday evening I was surprised to receive an email from Adrianne telling me that I had won a prize in the quarter 3 finish-along draw (scroll to end of page to see my winning entry!)! I won a copy of the High Tea Quilt pattern, of which I have more to say another time!

Holidays and (not much) knitting

We have been back home in the "real world" for a week now, so I though I would take a moment to share some of our holiday snaps. We headed off to Sussex to resume the interrupted autumn holiday, the pug now fully resurrected and in fine form.


The weather was glorious...








...and a splendid time was had by all :)




I did take my knitting, but only took it out of my bag on the final evening, so not much progress was made!


This is the half hap version of the shawl I mentioned here, I hope to have it finished in the next few days (fingers crossed!).

Slow blogging time again

Hello there!

I am just back from a lovely (mostly) relaxing holiday in Sussex.  We stayed here, did lots of walking,


Daisy atop Ditchling Beacon

a good bit of relaxing,


and a little bit of stitching...


The week was only marred slightly by the little pug expiring in a big cloud of white smoke :(


 R.I.P. Puggy, you will be missed.

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Knotted Cotton

Oh dear... over four months since I last posted (hangs head in shame).

And I don't even have that much to show for it!

Here's a little update:

Swoon Quilt.

My lovely backing fabric arrived (Joel Dewberry- Modern Meadow- Flower Fields in Lake) and I got busy basting and marking out my quilting design.  I happily began quilting a baptist fan pattern, but did not get all that far before realising I would not be able to reach all the way across the quilt and have the fan pattern the same way up across the entire quilt (which was what I had envisaged originally). It was at this point I decided to get a professional in!  I went to see Jeanette of J-Quilts who did a beautiful job of quilting it for me with a lovely pantograph design called "grapevine".  Unfortunately, I did not get time to go and collect it until the monday before Christmas, which meant that I spent all my free time on Christmas eve attaching the binding, washing and tumble drying the finished quilt ready to give to my parents the next day.  By the time I had finished it was totally dark, so no pictures!  I had intended to snap a few shots of it at mum and dads house, but time got away from me and it was too dark again.  I am really happy with the way it turned out and will take some decent pics another time!

Amish with a twist II.

Hmm... it was as I had feared... 32 log cabin blocks to make as the August installment!  I think this is what threw the blog off the rails!  They did not get done until September. I had to psych myself up a bit to tackle the cutting, but once that was done they went together quickly.


I assembled the blocks for the centre of the quilt in October, there was quite a bit of easing, trimming and fudging as the first months blocks were a little bit undersize as I had followed the method in the instructions, which was clearly not "my way"!


I then pondered for a while about the borders.  I knew that 105" square would swamp my bed, the quilt that is on there at the moment is 90" x 100" so I decide to work towards 100" square.  The centre of my quilt had finished up 1" smaller than it should have done, I added a 1.5" (finished) border, then a border made up of 2" squares, I just used the medium value colours here rather than a mix of everything. I then resized the final navy border to 7".


I have to confess that I did not even contemplate quilting this myself! I left it with Jeanette when I collected the Swoon on monday.

We went on holiday in October and had a lovely relaxing week, walking and picnicing and playing monopoly when it rained. 


I "thought" it would be nice to take some knitting, but unfortunately when I stopped to actually look at what I had produced it was more the size of a ten-year-old than a womans' size ten! I am beginning to think I should just stick to knitting small stuff!

 I will try not to leave it so long until my next post!


I just thought I would share a few photos from this mornings outing with Daisy.  We had a gentle jog together round the fishing lakes and down to Millbeach.  This was the view from our rest-stop on the sea wall:


No sun this morning, unlike yesterday, but a beatiful peaceful morning nonetheless.


I tried to take a picture of Daisy and I together, it did not go too well...


Daisy and I (and my bad photography)

Excuse the strange facial expressions (me) I was trying to concentrate on pointing the camera in the right general direction!