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Quilts for Siblings Together 2017

I completed two quilts for Siblings Together last year, Greenfields and Jewel Box, which were sent off at the beginning of June in time for gifting at the summer camps.

The Greenfields quilt top (previously seen here) was paired with an orange polkadot backing and jade green binding. I machine quilted it with a simple grid of horizontal and vertical lines.



Finished size 160 x 195cm. Completed 23/03/2017.

April was my month to request blocks in the Siblings Together Bee 2. I asked for Jewel Box blocks from this pattern using bright prints and a white background. This was my sample block:


...and the finished quilt:


You can probably see it was a bit of a windy day for photography! This one has a blue polkadot backing and a Kaffe Fassett vintage bead stripe for the binding. I machine quilted it outlining the diamond shapes formed wherever four half square triangles meet.

Finished size 160 x 200cm. Completed 20/05/2017.


I previously showed some of the blocks I made for other members of the bee in this post. The "bee year" runs from September to September and I have decided not to rejoin this time around, as I was struggling a bit for time and strangely fabric (no shortage of that as such, just that I never seemed to have the right colours/prints!).

So in the interests of completeness here are the bee blocks I made for 2016/17:



















Quite a variety! I learnt that I struggle with the concepts of "wonky" and "low volume". I think the daisies and butterflies were the most fun to make!

Ribbon quilt

I made a (small) quilt entirely from leftovers in the space of a week. Seems unlikely I know, seeing as how I am usually the queen of procrastination!


Last week when I was putting clean quilts out for the dog I noticed that one of her old favourites is in a sorry state, the fabric has worn so thin that there are small holes in several places :(

What is a quilter to do? Why, get to it and make another of course!

The starting point was this pile of half square triangle units which were cut out with great enthusiasm back in 2009.


They were destined for the double pinwheel quilt (in this book) but we upgraded from a standard double bed to a kingsize when I had barely started with the piecing. Because the design was set on point, I could not come up with a way of making the quilt bigger without fundamentally changing the design, so the whole project was shamefully abandoned! I did use a bunch of finished pinwheel blocks for Soy Amado last year but the rest got stuffed back in the bag from whence they came.


I decided to use a free pattern by Melissa of 100 billion stars as my triangles were the right size and were (mainly) of two contrasting colour groups.

This is what I started out with:


With the addition of a few extra bits and bobs,  I ended up with this:


The backing was pieced together from a couple of offcuts from larger quilts and the binding was salvaged from the scrap box (I had removed it from something else as it was too dark, but it was just perfect for this!).


It turned out about 36.5" square, and is ditch stitched along all seamlines using red thread. I think the recipient is quite happy with it!


Greenfields quilt top

Hello there! I can't believe how quickly time is flying by, 20th of February already and this is my first blog post of the year!

I have decided that 2017 is the year I am going to attempt to face up to the scrap "situation" and to that end I am going to try to link up with Nicky and Leanne for Scraptastic Tuesday each month (yes I know I missed January altogether and that I am pretty close to the deadline for February,  but I will try harder!).

I started off by sorting out the rattiest, stringiest bits from the tangled scrap boxes (i.e. the least appealing bits) and found a good pattern in Kathy Doughty's "Making Quilts" book which looked like it would use a lot of scraps!

So this is the completed top of my "Greenfields" quilt.


It took me from 2nd of January until the 16th of February to complete,  I think that there are a lot of pieces in there, but it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference to the scrap "situation"! It was a good opportunity to use up bobbins with weird coloured thread, and half empty one's too.


This will be heading off to Siblings Together when it is finished. I have just ordered some backing fabric for it, so I can get it quilted in the next few weeks.

Linking up with Nicky and Leanne for Scraptastic Tuesday, just in the nick of time!

Scraptastic Tuesday

Friendship braid quilt resurrected

I seem to have a bit of a back log of quilts to share, so please bear with me whilst I endeavour to catch up!


It took a bit of thinking about but I managed to turn these pieces...


...into a quilt...


Considering I started with a full jelly roll it was a bit of a struggle to reach this size (about 37 in. long x 40 in. wide). I originally purchased this fabric (Arcadia by Sanae for Moda) a little shop in Narberth (Pembrokeshire) when we were on holiday in 2009!

I made a friendship braid quilt top using the pattern in this book, but later cut it up before it ever became a quilt. I can't remember how or why I came to destroy a fininshed quilt top, but what I do know is that the remains have been sitting in my box of scraps making me feel guilty ever since. I must have had some kind of plan, as some of the fabric had been unpicked and cut into 2.5 inch squares!

Anyway, with the addition of a few extra pieces and some sashing, we now have a quilt. The backing is the animal fabric you can see in the top photo, and I quilted in a staggered zig-zag pattern across the quilt.

This can now be ticked off my finish along list, hooray! 

Scrappy rail fence dog quilt

This turned out to be a quick little project! I saw the idea here, started joining 6.5 inch long scraps of various widths using them as leaders/enders whilst working on other things. Suddenly, almost before I knew it I had 9 blocks assembled and ready to become a little quilt. Curiously, I don't seem to have any fewer scraps though!


I think it turned out pretty well, although I still can't seem to take a decent photo (always taken in a rush)!

It is destined to be a gift for one of Daisy's little pals and I have labelled it accordingly:


Again, a bit out of focus, but you get the idea!

This is my first finish from this quarters  FAL list - hooray!

I am also linking up to Scraptastic  Tuesday

Scraptastic Tuesday

Q2 FAL 2016 - better luck this time!

FAL 2016

So one finish and THREE roll-overs this time, plus a few extra projects for good measure...

  1. Giant dahlia quilt (wall hanging) in shot cottons (from this free tutorial). DSCN0645
  2. Wild goose chase quilt (2 blocks so far!). DSCN0646
  3. Dog Gone Cute quilt (for Siblings Together). I ended up requesting these as bee blocks, so I should have a whole quilts worth by the end of April :)DSC_0005
  4. Adam and Eve sampler. I have had pattern and supplies for this since 2008 and have declared my intention to get it done already before. It is at least started now! DSC_0004
  5. Small scrappy rail fence quilt. This just needs trimming and binding. DSC_0002
  6. New mattress cover of the dogs bed. I have some heavy duty canvas ready to go and plans sketched out, just need a bit of time!

Linking up with the rest of the Finish-alongers here.



I have a few random crafty items to report on today! Firstly, do you like my handsome little Jack Russell in the picture above? He was a wonderful surprise gift from my lovely cousin in the form of a card for my recent(ish) (40th) birthday - thanks Donna :)


I couldn't bear to tuck him away in a drawer, so I ordered him a smart frame and mount from here. Now doesn't that suit him nicely?


In first picture of this post you may also notice a couple of bags hanging out on the door handle... the back one has its own post here, the front one is a scrap bucket bag I made this week as a surprise for my mum (she had mentioned several times how much she liked the one I made for myself).



I used up a bunch more orphan blocks from my scrap box, including the last remaining Farmer's Wife block seen above. The lining is a Liberty cotton twill that I have been hoarding for about the last ten years! It's nice to finally put it to good use!


Finished with a homemade twisted cord (Rowan cotton glace, no less!).

The final miscellaneous item to show is the finished shawl that I mentioned previously here. I think it turned out quite nicely, don't you?


Full details over on Ravelry :)

There we go, random ramblings complete!

Rounding up my flurry of finishes!

Wow, back again. I'm not used to blogging so frequently but I am up against it with the finish-along deadline looming!

Here we have another uninspiring washing line shot (less windy today!), this time featuring the log cabin circles quilt.



The quilt is only small, 48" (or 1.2 m) square and the top was made entirely from scraps. I quilted in the ditch along all the seam-lines which has given it a nice texture.



I had intended it to be for the dog, but didn't properly consider the size! As you can see 4 spots would probably have been big enough! The backing is a left over piece of Tula Pink print that I bought for the back of another quilt, I thought the colours worked well with the top which is primarily made from Kaffe Fassett prints.

Pretty happy with this little finish :)