Q1 FAL 2016 - trying to keep it within the realms of reason

FAL 2016


Sorry to have gone AWOL for a while... quarter four turned out to be a total washout for me, so I am starting afresh, new year, new list!

Here we go:

  1. Giant dahlia quilt (wall hanging) in shot cottons (from this free tutorial). DSCN0645
  2. Wild goose chase quilt (2 blocks so far!). DSCN0646
  3. Quilt as you go blocks for Alison's wonderful project (see here and here). DSCN0643
  4. Dog Gone Cute quilt (for Siblings Together) fabric pulled and background fabric ordered. DSCN0647

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Time for High Tea

Right then, a new quilt, as mentioned briefly at the end of my previous post. It is for the dog, again... (she will turn 14 just after Christmas!).

The pattern is High Tea by Adrianne of On the Windy Side. It is designed for charm squares, and I happened to have some Kaffe Fassett ones kicking about that I bought several years ago from a (now defunct) online shop. I hadn't used them before as most of them turned out to be only vaguely quadrilateral rather than square.


Obnoxiously bright, isn't it? I made a square quilt (between baby and crib size on the pattern) which measures 43", nice and big for my little old pup to be able to tuck herself in :)


A fast, fun make; let's hope Daisy likes it!


I ought to go and give it a quick wash now, to make sure the snuggle-factor is just right!

Q3 FAL 2015 - serious startitis

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So quarter two was as predicted with 2 finishes and 2 roll overs.

My list is a bit longer this time around as I have been a bit distracted by new ideas and have several barely started projects.

  1. Kingfisher tapestry (for mum). I have progressed slightly on this, but haven't taken a new photo. I am going to try to do a few stitches each and every day in the hope that it will eventually be DONE!SAM_2062
  2. Delectable Mountains quilt (as proposed here). Still currently no more than a pile of triangles. SAM_2204
  3. Duvet cover for Daisy (the dog). Currently a bunch of nine-patches. 20150629_073956
  4. Dresden quilt. I bought a new ruler and this happened. I have a plan, I think it's going to be great!20150709_175756
  5. Merchant and Mills Madison dress. This appeared on a list I made way back but I have only just bought fabric for it a couple of weeks ago; I purchased the pattern in April 2011!
  6. Artisan Apron, made as a bit of a dressmaking warm-up before tackling the above project, it is in need of a serious bit of embellishment before I can properly call it finished! 20150709_200638
  7. Scrappy spiderweb quilt. I have a bunch of "middles" done, I am thinking that this will be next years Siblings Together quilt, so I am not really expecting it to be done this quarter, but I am adding it to the list just in case it turns out to be the project I feel like working on most. 20150709_200726

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Blogger's Quilt Festival - St. Louis 16-patch


Hello, and welcome! I would like to share with you a simple but jolly and bright quilt I made (with some help but I'll come to that later) for a very special cause.

 Introducing the Acacia 16-patch, my entry into the large quilt category of the festival:


 I wanted to make a couple of quilts for the UK based charity Siblings Together which helps maintain contact between brothers and sisters who have been separated from one another by the care system. You can read more about their work here, and find out about the quilting group here. More quilts are needed to reach our target of 100 for this years summer camps, so please do get involved if you can!


Quilt stats:

Pattern: St. Louis 16-patch

Fabric: Acacia by Tula Pink (top) and Birds and Bees also by Tula Pink (backing)

Quilting: very kindly and beautifully done for me by the lovely Mal after I posted an S.O.S. to the Flickr group for help

Binding: Scrappy, made using leftovers from the piecing of the top

Size: 56" x 70"


Labels for the quilts are generously provided by Spoonflower and provide the perfect finishing touch. Rebecca from the Spoonflower team has recently written a great post about the Siblings Together quilting group which features a piccy of the other quilt I made and additional details about how you can get involved :)


Thanks for reading, I'm off to have a look around the rest of the Quilt Festival now!

Finishing this quilt was one of my quarter 2 finish-along goals and I will be linking up this post at the end of the quarter ;)

Q2 FAL 2015 - optimistic or realistic?

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So quarter one was much more productive than I expected with 4 finishes, 1 abandoned project and 2 roll overs.

My list is a bit shorter this time around as I have been too busy finishing things(!) to start anything much in the way of new projects (strange but true). 

    1. Acacia quilt. Currently being quilted. Will need binding and labeling on its return.SAM_2005
    2. Kingfisher tapestry (for mum). Long way to go on this one! SAM_2062
    3. Two patchwork tote bags (similar to this one). SAM_2208
    4. Delectable Mountains quilt (as proposed here). Currently no more than a pile of triangles (hence the title of this post!). SAM_2204

I think 50% success rate should be guaranteed (items 1 and 3). I would love to get the tapestry done, I have stalled completely because the waterlilies have several very similar colours in them which proved to be hard to distinguish in the winter light. I am also curious as to whether I can make a whole quilt in 3 months, definitely sounds like a challenge to me!

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Rounding up my flurry of finishes!

Wow, back again. I'm not used to blogging so frequently but I am up against it with the finish-along deadline looming!

Here we have another uninspiring washing line shot (less windy today!), this time featuring the log cabin circles quilt.



The quilt is only small, 48" (or 1.2 m) square and the top was made entirely from scraps. I quilted in the ditch along all the seam-lines which has given it a nice texture.



I had intended it to be for the dog, but didn't properly consider the size! As you can see 4 spots would probably have been big enough! The backing is a left over piece of Tula Pink print that I bought for the back of another quilt, I thought the colours worked well with the top which is primarily made from Kaffe Fassett prints.

Pretty happy with this little finish :)

First Siblings Together quilt finished

I, as is often the case, bit off a bit more than I could chew, thinking that I would be able to make two quilts for Siblings Together. The tops were not such a problem, you can see them here, but finding time and space to quilt them both ready for this summer was going to be tricky. So I put out an SOS to the Siblings Together flickr group and two very kind ladies offered to help me out with the quilting.


I just finished putting the binding on the first one a few days ago. Nathalie quilted it for me on her new long arm machine. She did a beautiful job, the loopy pattern really suits the quilt and gives it a nice cuddly texture.


Backing and binding!

I used Thomas Knauer's Abecedarian quilt pattern, which is based on the Braille alphabet. I used a motley selection of light and dark background prints plucked from the stash.

It measures in at 56" x 68" so hopefully a good usable size even for a teen.

This is one of my FAL finishes, yippee!!

Feathered Star wallhanging

This has been finished since 22nd of February when I first tried to photograph it for blogging purposes. It was windy, this was probably the best of the bunch:


I had another go today but it is very windy:



Still I think you get the idea!

This was made from a Judy Niemeyer pattern called (funnily enough) Feathered Star. I left out the border as I thought it looked a bit more contemporary without.

This was my first foray into paper piecing, and whilst I like the accuracy and nice pointy points I am not so keen on the resulting multiple seam lines, I find them visually distracting. Also ripping out the papers seemed to take an inordinately long time, and was quite messy.

The fabrics I used were mainly basics and blenders from Makower, Andover and Bernatex purchased locally at the Cheap Shop in Tiptree.  The background is a mystery shot cotton made up of red and royal blue threads which has a lovely depth of colour in person.

When I finished the top (back in June!) I wasn't sure what to do with it next.


How should I quilt it? Should I quilt it? So it sat around for a while (ahem, 5 months) before I decided to take it to Janette for some custom quilting. I had the beige and cream areas quite densely quilted with a flame-like pattern to divert the eye from the multiple seam lines in these areas.  All the points were echo quilted with either straight lines or gentle curves.

You can perhaps get a better idea of the quilting from this rear view:

SAM_2200Please excuse the disaster area that is my garden!

The quilt measures 60" square and is destined for the living room wall.

This is one of my FAL finishes for quarter one, hooray!

The Shetland Hap Shawl

I enrolled on the above titled Craftsy course tutored by the excellent Gudrun Johnston last week, and this mini version came off the blocking mat yesterday.


I had fun making this, the course is very well presented, clear and concise, I hope to make the full size version soon!

I purchased the class on a whim, as I felt a bit bad having just asked for a refund on a frankly unwatchable quilting class :( I really enjoyed having the visual guidance, I don't always find it easy to be sure that I am doing things 100% correctly when following a new knitting pattern.


My usual model wasn't too impressed, she thought it was a bit granny-ish!

More details on ravelry!

The ill fated city sampler quilt underwent some rapid personalisation and has been gifted to a dear little one year old who is currently spending some time in hospital. He loves animals so hopfully he likes the racoons!