Kaffe Fassett

Ribbon quilt

I made a (small) quilt entirely from leftovers in the space of a week. Seems unlikely I know, seeing as how I am usually the queen of procrastination!


Last week when I was putting clean quilts out for the dog I noticed that one of her old favourites is in a sorry state, the fabric has worn so thin that there are small holes in several places :(

What is a quilter to do? Why, get to it and make another of course!

The starting point was this pile of half square triangle units which were cut out with great enthusiasm back in 2009.


They were destined for the double pinwheel quilt (in this book) but we upgraded from a standard double bed to a kingsize when I had barely started with the piecing. Because the design was set on point, I could not come up with a way of making the quilt bigger without fundamentally changing the design, so the whole project was shamefully abandoned! I did use a bunch of finished pinwheel blocks for Soy Amado last year but the rest got stuffed back in the bag from whence they came.


I decided to use a free pattern by Melissa of 100 billion stars as my triangles were the right size and were (mainly) of two contrasting colour groups.

This is what I started out with:


With the addition of a few extra bits and bobs,  I ended up with this:


The backing was pieced together from a couple of offcuts from larger quilts and the binding was salvaged from the scrap box (I had removed it from something else as it was too dark, but it was just perfect for this!).


It turned out about 36.5" square, and is ditch stitched along all seamlines using red thread. I think the recipient is quite happy with it!


Pois versus rayures

Or polka dots versus stripes!


This lovely design is by Fabienne Chabrolin and was published in Quiltmania No.89 May/June 2012. She has produced loads of other great variations of this design too, take a look at this flickr album.

My version is fairly close to the original design, using mainly Kaffe Fassett stripes, shot cottons and polka dots plus a few other prints.


The ellipses are machine appliqu├ęd using white thread and blanket stitch. I had a lot of fun putting together colour combinations and had a hard time NOT making them all look like fried eggs!

I deviated from the pattern when it came to the quilting, keeping it simple! (You can see the quilting on the original version here)

This little quilt finished at 43.5 inches square, and I am very glad I finally got around to making it!

Yep, this was also on my finish along list at the start of the quarter :)

Wild Goose Chase

Done! Just a little quilt (36.5" square) but finally finished!


All Kaffe Fassett shot cottons, happy colours, a little bit autumnal maybe?



"Hey! what took you sooo long?!!"  Hmm... probably those 90 flying geese units!

I have huge admiration for Anita and anyone else who has the stamina to go bed sized with this one. I followed this great tutorial for the blocks.

The start of this quilt was inspired by these lovely little Brent geese who overwinter here:




I don't suppose it will be long now until they are back.

Anyway, there you have it, my second finish along finish this quarter (my proposed list of finishes can be found here).

In which I use Bondaweb and NOTHING goes horribly wrong...

I do not like Bondaweb, we are not friends. Normally I cannot get the paper off the back and end up shredding my neatly cut out shapes, or I end up scorching fabric or getting glue on my iron. Not this time though, I made the Family of Owls cushion from Claire Turpin design and it actually went quite well! The only mishap was a mysterious stain that appeared on the white part of Daddy owl eyeballs midway through the blanket stitching; why does stuff like that never happen to the back, or within the seam allowance I wonder? It all came out in the wash, so not harm done!


This cushion is for the big sister of my penguin loving friend. I work with their mum, and recently I had a bit of a grotty viral infection in my throat, so was grumbling a bit and feeling a bit sorry for myself, and she came in with this card made by her daughter:


So I couldn't NOT make her something too!

I fancied trying something different (plus there are no decent patchwork patterns for owls... they all look really angry, or at the very least a bit cross!) so it was time to tackle my fear of the sticky stuff head-on!


I deviated from the pattern slightly by omitting the buttons (should be used for the centre of the eyes and the fastening on the back) mainly because the family have an eight month old Cockerpoo who might be interested in chewing such things! I used Adrianne's excellent tutorial again to make the zippered back (the red and aqua floral pictured above), and I bound the edges to match the style of the penguin cushion.


I think baby owl might be my favourite...

Time for High Tea

Right then, a new quilt, as mentioned briefly at the end of my previous post. It is for the dog, again... (she will turn 14 just after Christmas!).

The pattern is High Tea by Adrianne of On the Windy Side. It is designed for charm squares, and I happened to have some Kaffe Fassett ones kicking about that I bought several years ago from a (now defunct) online shop. I hadn't used them before as most of them turned out to be only vaguely quadrilateral rather than square.


Obnoxiously bright, isn't it? I made a square quilt (between baby and crib size on the pattern) which measures 43", nice and big for my little old pup to be able to tuck herself in :)


A fast, fun make; let's hope Daisy likes it!


I ought to go and give it a quick wash now, to make sure the snuggle-factor is just right!

Rounding up my flurry of finishes!

Wow, back again. I'm not used to blogging so frequently but I am up against it with the finish-along deadline looming!

Here we have another uninspiring washing line shot (less windy today!), this time featuring the log cabin circles quilt.



The quilt is only small, 48" (or 1.2 m) square and the top was made entirely from scraps. I quilted in the ditch along all the seam-lines which has given it a nice texture.



I had intended it to be for the dog, but didn't properly consider the size! As you can see 4 spots would probably have been big enough! The backing is a left over piece of Tula Pink print that I bought for the back of another quilt, I thought the colours worked well with the top which is primarily made from Kaffe Fassett prints.

Pretty happy with this little finish :)

A Quiltalogue Post: Marquetry wall hanging

Pattern: from Rowan Patchwork and Quilting Book Number 4 (2002)


Fabrics: Shot cottons, as listed in the pattern, backing fabric as per pattern, for the binding I substituted a different colour (yellow) of broad stripe as I could not locate the colour listed in the pattern.

Finished size: approx. 90 x 120 cm

Quilting: in the ditch, using yellow thread on top and magenta/fuchsia in the bobbin.

Made to brighten up the living room in the house we were renting at the time. I am not 100% sure when I made this, it was either late 2002 or early 2003.  It has yet to find a home in the "new" house, but will likely end up on the stairway, I think.


Excuse the creases, it has been stored for a while!

A Quiltalogue Post: Dark Over Under Quilt

I first saw this quilt hanging in the window of Franklins in Chelmsford in early spring 2001 when we first relocated from Cardiff.  I could not get it out of my head... I needed to make it!  So I bought the pattern book (RP&Q 2) and gradually started to buy the fabrics over the course of the next few months.  This mainly invovled persuading the owner of the local yarn shop which stocked Rowan yarns to order them in for me.  At this time the Kaffe Fassett fabrics were sold as individual fat quarters, wrapped around a piece of card with a little "ball band" around it like a ball of yarn, so I collected the fabrics a few each month until I had all I needed for the top.


I remember it coming together quite quickly over the spring/summer of 2002, and having to persuade the wool shop owner to order me the 8 metres I needed for the backing!


I ordered the wadding (Hobbs Heirloom) from the House of Patchwork, Hoddesdon in August 2002. (As an aside, I am pretty sure this was an early online purchase, but the company no longer seems to have a website.) So I imagine I finished the quilting soon after... (not so much procrastination in those days!).

These photos are quite recent and 11 years of use have definitely had an impact on the vibrancy of the quilt, but I still really love it!



Below is a photo of the quilt as it appeared in the book, just to give an idea of the original colours!


Flower Ball cushion cover

This was my entry for the x-factor pillow swap round 6.


The theme this round was hexagons. I used the flower ball pattern from Geta Grama, but scaled it down a bit so that the ball was about 18 inches across. The fabrics are a plain white kona cotton, various shot cottons for the flowers and a moda sweetwater sunkissed text print for the background.

The hexagons are English paper pieced and I hand quilted the front panel. It was a fun and satisfying project to work on, watching the circle emerge!

I hope my swap partner likes it!