Elizabeth Bradley

Project Swapping

When I shared pictures of the fabric bucket I made back in August, I promised to share details of its' contents but never quite managed to do so.


Back in February I agreed to tackle this Elizabeth Bradley tapestry kit for my Mum. She has done quite a few tapestries over the years but always in half cross stitch, and she just couldn't get on with the Victorian cross-stitch required for this kit.

I got off to quite a good start, this is how it looked at the end of the month:


And then in July:


Shamefully it still looks much the same, so I really need to "crack on" with it! Especially as Mum has already delivered on her side of the bargain, knitting me this lovely jumper from some of my long hoarded stash.


Thanks Mum! I will fininsh your tapestry in 2015! I will post a photo here once in a while to try and keep me motivated :)