A birthday and some jimjams

Good morning, sleepy-head, it's your birthday! 


Happy sixteenth miss Daisy!

 One of the downsides of being an oldie is that she feels the cold, so back in November I decided to make her a couple of sets of pyjamas. I used this pattern:


I made view A, size large, using some cotton lycra jersey and rib knit that I bought from Backstitch. It was probably the most peculiar dressmaking project I have ever tackled, the end result looks like this:


Daisy took them for a spin around the back garden to check the fit...


...before putting them into "action"!


Sweet dreams little dog :)

Ribbon quilt

I made a (small) quilt entirely from leftovers in the space of a week. Seems unlikely I know, seeing as how I am usually the queen of procrastination!


Last week when I was putting clean quilts out for the dog I noticed that one of her old favourites is in a sorry state, the fabric has worn so thin that there are small holes in several places :(

What is a quilter to do? Why, get to it and make another of course!

The starting point was this pile of half square triangle units which were cut out with great enthusiasm back in 2009.


They were destined for the double pinwheel quilt (in this book) but we upgraded from a standard double bed to a kingsize when I had barely started with the piecing. Because the design was set on point, I could not come up with a way of making the quilt bigger without fundamentally changing the design, so the whole project was shamefully abandoned! I did use a bunch of finished pinwheel blocks for Soy Amado last year but the rest got stuffed back in the bag from whence they came.


I decided to use a free pattern by Melissa of 100 billion stars as my triangles were the right size and were (mainly) of two contrasting colour groups.

This is what I started out with:


With the addition of a few extra bits and bobs,  I ended up with this:


The backing was pieced together from a couple of offcuts from larger quilts and the binding was salvaged from the scrap box (I had removed it from something else as it was too dark, but it was just perfect for this!).


It turned out about 36.5" square, and is ditch stitched along all seamlines using red thread. I think the recipient is quite happy with it!


Industrial sewing Saturday


I am usually at work on a Saturday but due to a bit of shift swapping this week I found myself with a few free hours this morning... time to tackle a bit of heavy-duty sewing!

The task: to sew a new mattress cover for Daisy's bed. The previous incarnation was a colourful patchwork affair, but I decided to go for something a bit more utilitarian this time around for my senior doggy (14). I ordered some waterproof 600 denier polyester canvas, appropriate thread and velcro from here. So, with pieces cut and the machine armed with a size 16 jeans needle I set to work... it was a bit awkward wrangling such stiff fabric but I got the job done!





Don't worry, I put her quilt back in the bed after my little photo shoot!

I am on a roll so far this quarter, that's the second finish from my Q2 FAL list :) I wonder if this productivity will continue?!

Holidays and (not much) knitting

We have been back home in the "real world" for a week now, so I though I would take a moment to share some of our holiday snaps. We headed off to Sussex to resume the interrupted autumn holiday, the pug now fully resurrected and in fine form.


The weather was glorious...








...and a splendid time was had by all :)




I did take my knitting, but only took it out of my bag on the final evening, so not much progress was made!


This is the half hap version of the shawl I mentioned here, I hope to have it finished in the next few days (fingers crossed!).

Quilter know thyself

Wow, it's been a while since I posted! Alex and Daisy have been in the wars a bit lately and there have been a variety of trips to vets and hospitals and doctors to contend with.



Daisy is all fixed up (minus a few patches of fur) and Alex is getting there (he was knocked off his bike on the way into work 2 weeks ago by some bonehead in a BMW).

So there has been a little bit of crafting, not much, but a bit.

Firstly I made the blandest, most un-me quilt ever.  Thank goodness I regained full control of my senses before proceeding to queen size as per the PLAN.

Want to see it?


Flat, lifeless, boring... yes... but at least it is done!


It doesn't seem to matter how old I get, I still seem to keep making these kind of errors of judgement.  It is fine to admire and appreciate other peoples work, but before leaping straight in and embarking on the same project myself I REALLY need to stop and think!

Would I buy this from a shop?

Will it fit our style and decor?

Will I enjoy making it?

Truthfully I could not answer yes to even one of these questions in relation to the city sampler quilt AND I had already made pretty much the same blinding error of judgement with the farmers wife quilt, so why was I so keen to get stuck in? Who knows?! What I do know is that I am going to try to take a more considered approach in the future, and to that end an aide memoir:


I used those pesky FW blocks and this easy tutorial to make a lovely bag/basket/bucket :)


I actually really like the blocks all smooshed together without any sashing, such a fun project, useful too (more on the contents in bottom left photo another day...)!


I just thought I would share a few photos from this mornings outing with Daisy.  We had a gentle jog together round the fishing lakes and down to Millbeach.  This was the view from our rest-stop on the sea wall:


No sun this morning, unlike yesterday, but a beatiful peaceful morning nonetheless.


I tried to take a picture of Daisy and I together, it did not go too well...


Daisy and I (and my bad photography)

Excuse the strange facial expressions (me) I was trying to concentrate on pointing the camera in the right general direction!