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Q2 FAL 2016 - better luck this time!

FAL 2016

So one finish and THREE roll-overs this time, plus a few extra projects for good measure...

  1. Giant dahlia quilt (wall hanging) in shot cottons (from this free tutorial). DSCN0645
  2. Wild goose chase quilt (2 blocks so far!). DSCN0646
  3. Dog Gone Cute quilt (for Siblings Together). I ended up requesting these as bee blocks, so I should have a whole quilts worth by the end of April :)DSC_0005
  4. Adam and Eve sampler. I have had pattern and supplies for this since 2008 and have declared my intention to get it done already before. It is at least started now! DSC_0004
  5. Small scrappy rail fence quilt. This just needs trimming and binding. DSC_0002
  6. New mattress cover of the dogs bed. I have some heavy duty canvas ready to go and plans sketched out, just need a bit of time!

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I have a few random crafty items to report on today! Firstly, do you like my handsome little Jack Russell in the picture above? He was a wonderful surprise gift from my lovely cousin in the form of a card for my recent(ish) (40th) birthday - thanks Donna :)


I couldn't bear to tuck him away in a drawer, so I ordered him a smart frame and mount from here. Now doesn't that suit him nicely?


In first picture of this post you may also notice a couple of bags hanging out on the door handle... the back one has its own post here, the front one is a scrap bucket bag I made this week as a surprise for my mum (she had mentioned several times how much she liked the one I made for myself).



I used up a bunch more orphan blocks from my scrap box, including the last remaining Farmer's Wife block seen above. The lining is a Liberty cotton twill that I have been hoarding for about the last ten years! It's nice to finally put it to good use!


Finished with a homemade twisted cord (Rowan cotton glace, no less!).

The final miscellaneous item to show is the finished shawl that I mentioned previously here. I think it turned out quite nicely, don't you?


Full details over on Ravelry :)

There we go, random ramblings complete!

Two patchwork tote bags


Similar to this one I made for Mum, but different enough to avoid confusion (I hope) as they are for a couple of her friends.  The monogrammed one is a birthday gift for Auntie Margaret and the other is a "commission" for a lady Mum knows who was rather taken with the original version.



...and back of the first bag,




...and back...


...of the second. I was quite pleased to be able to use four orphan blocks that I somehow ended up with when I made the original version back in November.

This time I used cotton webbing for the handles which I bought from Backstitch.  It looks (nearly) as good and is a LOT cheaper than the fancy handles I got for Mum!

This is the first finish from my quarter 2 finish-along list and I will be linking up this post at the end of the quarter.


Project Swapping

When I shared pictures of the fabric bucket I made back in August, I promised to share details of its' contents but never quite managed to do so.


Back in February I agreed to tackle this Elizabeth Bradley tapestry kit for my Mum. She has done quite a few tapestries over the years but always in half cross stitch, and she just couldn't get on with the Victorian cross-stitch required for this kit.

I got off to quite a good start, this is how it looked at the end of the month:


And then in July:


Shamefully it still looks much the same, so I really need to "crack on" with it! Especially as Mum has already delivered on her side of the bargain, knitting me this lovely jumper from some of my long hoarded stash.


Thanks Mum! I will fininsh your tapestry in 2015! I will post a photo here once in a while to try and keep me motivated :)


Acorn Biscornu

I have finished up my holiday stitching as previously seen here. It is now a little pincushion:


I used the Acorn Biscornu pattern by Jacob of Modern Folk Embroidery it is a free pattern available via this blog post.


You can see the biscornu shape better here.



I used 32 count evenweave cotton and some "bright green" DMC thread (used single stranded) left over from a Historical Sampler Company kit.  I stuffed it with wool fibre which was from an offcut of wool wadding, I just tore away the scrim and pulled apart the fibres to get a more natural version of polyfill. I finished it off with a couple of little mother of pearl buttons.


Here is the evidence that I might have been a little too "relaxed" whilst stitching this! I only noticed when I was sewing the two pieces together, but I have committed the cardinal sin of cross stitching!

Can you see? The stitches on the acorn cup cross over the wrong way! Oops!

Anyway, an enjoyable little project, highly recommended!

Slow blogging time again

Hello there!

I am just back from a lovely (mostly) relaxing holiday in Sussex.  We stayed here, did lots of walking,


Daisy atop Ditchling Beacon

a good bit of relaxing,


and a little bit of stitching...


The week was only marred slightly by the little pug expiring in a big cloud of white smoke :(


 R.I.P. Puggy, you will be missed.

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Knotted Cotton

Quilter know thyself

Wow, it's been a while since I posted! Alex and Daisy have been in the wars a bit lately and there have been a variety of trips to vets and hospitals and doctors to contend with.



Daisy is all fixed up (minus a few patches of fur) and Alex is getting there (he was knocked off his bike on the way into work 2 weeks ago by some bonehead in a BMW).

So there has been a little bit of crafting, not much, but a bit.

Firstly I made the blandest, most un-me quilt ever.  Thank goodness I regained full control of my senses before proceeding to queen size as per the PLAN.

Want to see it?


Flat, lifeless, boring... yes... but at least it is done!


It doesn't seem to matter how old I get, I still seem to keep making these kind of errors of judgement.  It is fine to admire and appreciate other peoples work, but before leaping straight in and embarking on the same project myself I REALLY need to stop and think!

Would I buy this from a shop?

Will it fit our style and decor?

Will I enjoy making it?

Truthfully I could not answer yes to even one of these questions in relation to the city sampler quilt AND I had already made pretty much the same blinding error of judgement with the farmers wife quilt, so why was I so keen to get stuck in? Who knows?! What I do know is that I am going to try to take a more considered approach in the future, and to that end an aide memoir:


I used those pesky FW blocks and this easy tutorial to make a lovely bag/basket/bucket :)


I actually really like the blocks all smooshed together without any sashing, such a fun project, useful too (more on the contents in bottom left photo another day...)!

Cross Stitch Sampler

A few weeks ago I came across Modern Folk Embroidery and a few patterns from Jacob's Etsy store may have slipped into my shopping cart.  So far I have just stitched up a small one, but I have plans! for more.


If you are a fan of traditional-style samplers Modern Folk Embroidery is well worth a visit. I am hoping to stitch up a few more so that I can make a little "gallery" of samplers on a wall in my house, however I suspect that may be a bit of a log term goal!