Time for High Tea

Right then, a new quilt, as mentioned briefly at the end of my previous post. It is for the dog, again... (she will turn 14 just after Christmas!).

The pattern is High Tea by Adrianne of On the Windy Side. It is designed for charm squares, and I happened to have some Kaffe Fassett ones kicking about that I bought several years ago from a (now defunct) online shop. I hadn't used them before as most of them turned out to be only vaguely quadrilateral rather than square.


Obnoxiously bright, isn't it? I made a square quilt (between baby and crib size on the pattern) which measures 43", nice and big for my little old pup to be able to tuck herself in :)


A fast, fun make; let's hope Daisy likes it!


I ought to go and give it a quick wash now, to make sure the snuggle-factor is just right!

Holidays and (not much) knitting

We have been back home in the "real world" for a week now, so I though I would take a moment to share some of our holiday snaps. We headed off to Sussex to resume the interrupted autumn holiday, the pug now fully resurrected and in fine form.


The weather was glorious...








...and a splendid time was had by all :)




I did take my knitting, but only took it out of my bag on the final evening, so not much progress was made!


This is the half hap version of the shawl I mentioned here, I hope to have it finished in the next few days (fingers crossed!).

The Shetland Hap Shawl

I enrolled on the above titled Craftsy course tutored by the excellent Gudrun Johnston last week, and this mini version came off the blocking mat yesterday.


I had fun making this, the course is very well presented, clear and concise, I hope to make the full size version soon!

I purchased the class on a whim, as I felt a bit bad having just asked for a refund on a frankly unwatchable quilting class :( I really enjoyed having the visual guidance, I don't always find it easy to be sure that I am doing things 100% correctly when following a new knitting pattern.


My usual model wasn't too impressed, she thought it was a bit granny-ish!

More details on ravelry!

The ill fated city sampler quilt underwent some rapid personalisation and has been gifted to a dear little one year old who is currently spending some time in hospital. He loves animals so hopfully he likes the racoons!