Claire Turpin design

In which I use Bondaweb and NOTHING goes horribly wrong...

I do not like Bondaweb, we are not friends. Normally I cannot get the paper off the back and end up shredding my neatly cut out shapes, or I end up scorching fabric or getting glue on my iron. Not this time though, I made the Family of Owls cushion from Claire Turpin design and it actually went quite well! The only mishap was a mysterious stain that appeared on the white part of Daddy owl eyeballs midway through the blanket stitching; why does stuff like that never happen to the back, or within the seam allowance I wonder? It all came out in the wash, so not harm done!


This cushion is for the big sister of my penguin loving friend. I work with their mum, and recently I had a bit of a grotty viral infection in my throat, so was grumbling a bit and feeling a bit sorry for myself, and she came in with this card made by her daughter:


So I couldn't NOT make her something too!

I fancied trying something different (plus there are no decent patchwork patterns for owls... they all look really angry, or at the very least a bit cross!) so it was time to tackle my fear of the sticky stuff head-on!


I deviated from the pattern slightly by omitting the buttons (should be used for the centre of the eyes and the fastening on the back) mainly because the family have an eight month old Cockerpoo who might be interested in chewing such things! I used Adrianne's excellent tutorial again to make the zippered back (the red and aqua floral pictured above), and I bound the edges to match the style of the penguin cushion.


I think baby owl might be my favourite...