city sampler

The Shetland Hap Shawl

I enrolled on the above titled Craftsy course tutored by the excellent Gudrun Johnston last week, and this mini version came off the blocking mat yesterday.


I had fun making this, the course is very well presented, clear and concise, I hope to make the full size version soon!

I purchased the class on a whim, as I felt a bit bad having just asked for a refund on a frankly unwatchable quilting class :( I really enjoyed having the visual guidance, I don't always find it easy to be sure that I am doing things 100% correctly when following a new knitting pattern.


My usual model wasn't too impressed, she thought it was a bit granny-ish!

More details on ravelry!

The ill fated city sampler quilt underwent some rapid personalisation and has been gifted to a dear little one year old who is currently spending some time in hospital. He loves animals so hopfully he likes the racoons!


Quilter know thyself

Wow, it's been a while since I posted! Alex and Daisy have been in the wars a bit lately and there have been a variety of trips to vets and hospitals and doctors to contend with.



Daisy is all fixed up (minus a few patches of fur) and Alex is getting there (he was knocked off his bike on the way into work 2 weeks ago by some bonehead in a BMW).

So there has been a little bit of crafting, not much, but a bit.

Firstly I made the blandest, most un-me quilt ever.  Thank goodness I regained full control of my senses before proceeding to queen size as per the PLAN.

Want to see it?


Flat, lifeless, boring... yes... but at least it is done!


It doesn't seem to matter how old I get, I still seem to keep making these kind of errors of judgement.  It is fine to admire and appreciate other peoples work, but before leaping straight in and embarking on the same project myself I REALLY need to stop and think!

Would I buy this from a shop?

Will it fit our style and decor?

Will I enjoy making it?

Truthfully I could not answer yes to even one of these questions in relation to the city sampler quilt AND I had already made pretty much the same blinding error of judgement with the farmers wife quilt, so why was I so keen to get stuck in? Who knows?! What I do know is that I am going to try to take a more considered approach in the future, and to that end an aide memoir:


I used those pesky FW blocks and this easy tutorial to make a lovely bag/basket/bucket :)


I actually really like the blocks all smooshed together without any sashing, such a fun project, useful too (more on the contents in bottom left photo another day...)!

Slow blogging... first edition for 2014

So almost seven weeks into 2014 and what do I have to share?  As is typical for me, not a great deal!

After reading this post on Alison's blog I rounded up some of my orphan blocks and a few odds and ends from the scrap bin and put together these blocks:

...a bit of a whacky assortment but great fun to do, and a great use of fabric and wadding that was to all intents and purposes "waste".  Hopefully you are all joining in too, and Alison will be able to donate a good number of quilts to the orphanage in Mexico City.

Also in the spirit of using up scraps I made this box pouch to hold all my larger sizes of circular knitting needles.


I used this tutorial from Pink Stitches which was easy to follow and worked out well; my lining did turn out a bit baggier that I would have liked but that could easily be adjusted if I make another.


(by the way, sorry for the terrible background in these photos!)

Following on from the post in which I set out my goals for the year, I have made good progress with the yarn destash, I have sold some stuff via ravelry and found a few potential projects for the yarns I am keeping.

I have also made a start on the City Sampler quilt, 15 blocks done so far.

I am linking up with with the Slow Bloggers Linky over at Moira's...


Knotted Cotton