Wig-Wam Bam! (or more accurately Tee-Pee Time...)
Peg Bags (first finish for quarter 4!)

Q4 FAL 2016

FAL 2016
So two finishes and five roll overs this time, I was SO close to a third finish! Here is my list for quarter 4...
  1. Giant dahlia quilt (or maybe wall hanging?) in shot cottons (from this free tutorial). This has now officially been in progress for over a year! It gained a centre during quarter 3. 20161008_084223
  2. Adam and Eve sampler. I have had pattern and supplies for this since 2008 and have declared my intention to get it done already before. I added a couple more trees during quarter 3! 20161008_083822
  3. Sewing box refurb. I have dismantled and started sanding so far... 20160623_070516

  4. Silver grey jumper. Slow going! (my knitting bag made for a more colourful picture!)20160716_074747
  5. Stripey quilt from old Quiltmania magazine. Just the binding left to stitch down on this one :) 20161008_083654
  6. Two peg bags. A "commission". need to crack on with these as they are destined to be Christmas gifts. 20161008_084036
  7. Cushion cover(s) to use up the remains of the tee-pee fabric. 20161008_084105
  8. Sewing case from this tutorial. 20161008_083743
  9. Resurrect this sadly mutilated quilt top that I found in my scrap box, I have NO IDEA why I decided to cut it up!? 20161008_084558
  10. Dropcloth sampler.

So plenty there to get my teeth into I think!

Really hoping to get those first two done this quarter! Linking up with the finish-along here.