First finish for quarter one!
Q2 FAL 2016 - better luck this time!

A few useful little things...

Some mini napkins for packed lunches (they are about 20cm square).

I cut ten inch squares and finished the edges with mitred corners following the guidelines in this tutorial but using the shortcuts descibed here. I am quite pleased with how they came out!

Next up is this non-slip mat for my sewing machine made following this tutorial (I chose to hand stitch the binding to the front).


This finished at about 10.5 x 23 inches and made good use of a discarded 16-patch block and some co-ordinating scraps.

Finally, I have been doing a bit of cross-stitching recently (of which more another time) and have found myself in need of something a bit better than a plastic sandwich bag (current solution!) to keep my scissors and needles handy. Enter the pixie basket!


Cute, isn't it? I actually followed the instructions for this exactly (that doesn't happen often!) the only difference is that I only had 1 inch wide twill tape on hand, so my tabs are a bit chunkier than they are supposed to be.

Cheerio for now...