Rounding up my flurry of finishes!
Holidays and (not much) knitting

Q2 FAL 2015 - optimistic or realistic?

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So quarter one was much more productive than I expected with 4 finishes, 1 abandoned project and 2 roll overs.

My list is a bit shorter this time around as I have been too busy finishing things(!) to start anything much in the way of new projects (strange but true). 

    1. Acacia quilt. Currently being quilted. Will need binding and labeling on its return.SAM_2005
    2. Kingfisher tapestry (for mum). Long way to go on this one! SAM_2062
    3. Two patchwork tote bags (similar to this one). SAM_2208
    4. Delectable Mountains quilt (as proposed here). Currently no more than a pile of triangles (hence the title of this post!). SAM_2204

I think 50% success rate should be guaranteed (items 1 and 3). I would love to get the tapestry done, I have stalled completely because the waterlilies have several very similar colours in them which proved to be hard to distinguish in the winter light. I am also curious as to whether I can make a whole quilt in 3 months, definitely sounds like a challenge to me!

Linking up with the rest of the Finish-alongers here.