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Q1 FAL 2015 - full disclosure...

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


So this is my first time linking up with the finish-along which is being hosted this year by Adrianne.

I have decided to jump straight in and list every project that is currently in progress, I might as well be ambitious!

  1. Log Cabin Circles quilt. Needs basting quilting and binding.SAM_2053
  2. Abecedarian quilt. Needs basting quilting and binding. SAM_2012
  3. Acacia quilt. Needs basting quilting and binding (can you see a theme developing here!). SAM_2005
  4. Feathered Star wall-hanging. Currently out having a spot of custom long-arm action, will need a binding or facing treatment (haven't decided which yet) and hanging on its return.SAM_1145
  5. Kingfisher tapestry (for mum). Long way to go on this one! SAM_2062
  6. Caterpillar Stripes jumper. Just started this a few days ago, and am liking the way it looks so far. SAM_2061
  7. do something with yet more stray Farmers Wife blocks which I found when sorting through my scraps for the log cabin quilt pictured above. I have no recollection of making these, but they look quite good in the shot cottons I think, it would be a shame to see them go to waste! SAM_2068

So there we go, I better get cracking!