Quilter know thyself
Slow blogging time again

A couple of things I have been meaning to do for ages.

Both of which fall into the category of "household items" so not super-exciting but here goes:

Firstly a new peg bag for myself.  Following peg bag mania a while back (three years ago, really?) I had intended to make one for me, but by the time I had fulfilled all the requests generated by the prototype for mum I was ready to move on!

This revolting thing had been gracing my washing line on laundry days:


It was made by me probably at least 12-13 years ago, in a make-it-up-as-you-go-along kind of fashion using what I had to hand (left over fabric and dowelling from cutting down a roman blind, as it happens!) and as such it turned out a bit on the small side.

So here is the new improved, bigger, non-holey version:


I have had this Clarke and Clarke print (Bird Trail) stashed away since I made that last batch of peg bags. The lining is a mystery red cotton sateen which I have no recollection of buying, but which seemed to be just right for the job.  Amazingly I managed to find the pattern that I drew up 3 years ago and just made it in the same way, although I didn't bother with the rickrack trim this time.

The second project was to revamp the kitchen table.  I suppose we could do with replacing it but that would involve shopping (yuck!) and the hassle of getting rid of the old one (trip to the tip- double yuck!).  The table in question is just a simple laminated particle board job that we bought from Ikea when we first rented a flat together (1998).  It is now in its fourth home and although still sturdy, it is begining to show its age.  The main issue is that the thin wood veneer is starting to crack along the joins, which looks ugly and doesn't seem especially hygenic!  So this is my solution:


I love it! 1 metre of oilcloth (again Clarke and Clarke, but of unknown design) purchased this morning on a whim (it was on sale!) on my way to the dentist.  I just had to go in for a routine check-up, but it was chaos in there as all their computers were down, and they didn't appear to have any idea as to who was booked in when and with which dentist; I'm glad I thought to take my appointment card with me ;)


This is a better shot of the design.  I'm liking the way it ties in my blue chair cushions to the cream and terracotta of the kitchen too!  I wonder how many more years we can get out of the table?  16 and counting... probably quite good going for Ikea!