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A Quick check-in to say... Amish with a Twist II is finished!

Long forgotten quilt rediscovered! (well sort of)

I have just been looking at some old photos and now realise that I made a totally erroneous claim when I stated that this was my first quilt. Behold:


Look past the shared house student squaulour if you will and admire that long forgotten little number on the armchair behind me.  I made that quilt when I was still in school, the summer holidays after my GCSE's (1991). The pattern is delactable mountains, I got bored after making about half the required number of blocks, so ended up alternating with plain squares of maroon polycotton.


The fabrics used were everything and anything I had hanging around... no quilting cottons here!

It was sewn on my mums old machine, a model similar to this one, it weighed an absolute tonne and was a bit on the temperamental side. As a result of the uncooperative nature of the machine, this quilt was never actually quilted.  I just layered it up with some polyester wadding, bound it and left it at that. The evidence shows that it lasted at least six years, I've no idea what happened to it after this photo was taken though!

The pattern is one that I would like to revisit, I am particularly taken with this layout.